Sunday, September 01, 2013

Last Days of Summer

 The skirt is from the 80's, thrifted for something like two dollars. It has sequins that fall off a few at a time with each wearing. They never really added much to the overall look, and I'm tempted to just remove the rest. The skirt does nothing at all for my figure, but I love it so much, I don't care. This will be the last wearing for the season, but I'll look forward to wearing it again next summer.
The bracelets are assorted items I've picked up over the years. The hair flowers are Walgreens. The tee shirt was a Route 66 brand shirt from K-Mart that cost around five bucks. I have about a dozen of them in black and white. They are tissue thin, and mostly cotton which in our humid, Midwestern heat makes for a perfect summer staple. They're probably still around, and on sale if you live in the States (Don't know if the K-Mart has made it to Canada or Mexico).

You'll nothice the boxy-looking item on the ground to my left-that's a Victrolla. I really should put it on a table.
The handbag was my mother's. She never used it, gave it to me about thirty years ago, and I've been using it every Spring and Summer since.

I wore my white cork-wedge sandals one last time today, and am looking forward to fall clothing, if it ever cools down here.


Janice said...

I'm with you on the fall clothing notion. I'm probably the only person who will be cleaning carpet, and pulling out my sweaters on Labor Day but, to me it's celebratory. As for the Victrolla, music sounds better. We have an old LP player. Sure it's sort of scratchy sounding but there is such a peaceful romance to the sound. Glad you liked the tin.

Goody said...

It stays warm here well into October (most years). I'm really eager for fall, but I'm afraid it will be transitional clothes for a bit-lightweight items in darker colours.

Thank you again for all the neat stuff.