Sunday, September 15, 2013

Levi's Rockabilly Jeans

My "photographer" (Danny) had other stuff to do (Comic books), so I did the camera in the mirror thing. I even snapped some photos in the downstairs loo because I thought you might be getting tired of looking at the shower curtain.

We call these my $700.00 jeans because there are some listings for them at that price. They range from about $400 up, depending on condition. Mine are excellent, they were deadstock from the 50's when I bought them twenty years ago. I've probably worn them a dozen times total. If anyone wants to give me $700.00 for these...well no, I'd rather see you put that money towards having your head examined. I admit, I thought about selling them, but I enjoy them, and I really would feel uncomfortable with that level of transaction for what was essentially a pair of Western pants designed for work. Sometimes I'm too Bolshie for my own good.

My favourite shirt, purchased at Principles about fifteen years ago. It was an awful trip, I was arguing with Mr. ETB, I was jet-lagged, and I saw this blouse in the window. I'm not much of a High Street shopper, but I've never regretted this white blouse. My only regret is not buying a dozen because I will never find another that suits me as well.

Yes, the heart shaped earrings were meant for children. And old ladies. So there.

Diamond shaped mother of pearl snaps. Arrow shaped belt loops.

They are worn cuffs turned up, as they are intended.

In other news...

We took a trip to Ditmar's Orchard today
 "Well, how about them apples?"

 Such a sweet, innocent looking child.
He horrified an orchard worker by telling her Honeycrisp apples are, "vile." People really seem to like them, but they are so cloying they don't have any character. They're awfully expensive as well. We came home with Reds, Goldens, JonaGolds, some local peaches, and something called, Redfree which is a new variety to us.
I like this orchard so much better than the place in Nebraska city. The apples are still on the somewhat expensive side, but the vibe of the place is nicer. They don't charge a fortune just to step on the property. The orchard is very, very, hilly. You should bring a couple strong people to carry your apples. It was raining today (and chilly, imagine that!) but we didn't get too terribly muddy. The trails are well trodden.

If I had too many apples before...well, it isn't any better now! I see strudel(s) in my immediate future.  Oh, and I bought cider. I should have bought more. Oh well, there's still next weekend. I'm sure we'll be back several times before the season is over.

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Connie said...

Yes yes yes! So gorgeous! I had them in tan with the aforementioned reinforced butt. But the denim is awesome. Not $700 awesome but awesome. Love those pearl snaps!!!!!