Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Do You Sell Plungers Like You'd Use in a House Full of Frat Boys?"

...They Do!
Danny was less excited than I.

Sometimes I think he's embarrassed by us. While we're on a toilet theme, here's another vintage outfit modeled in the downstairs loo. I Didn't bother to edit out the facilities because come on, this is a post about buying a plunger. I sense a theme...

Outfit Particulars:

Dress and matching jacket: Vintage from a thrift store in Kansas
Bracelets: retail, Target
Necklace: Vintage Coro, Imaginarium, Omaha Nebr.
Shoes: Thrifted Laura Ashley

I don't like the way this dress fits me. It is much too large (By at least two sizes, and belting it makes things worse. The dress has cap sleves that hit the worst part of my arms, and the hemline isn't really good for me either). The amount of work required to tailor it into something I can wear effectively is more than I consider worth it. It will probably hang around in case I gain weight, but I don't expect to wear it again any time soon. Sometimes it is good to take things out, and photograph yourself wearing them for a view the bedroom mirror does not always provide.

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