Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And All My Toys Beside Me Lay, To Keep Me Happy All The Day

We're on day three of the viral yuck. Danny's had a fever, cough, and stomach pain. I've had the fever. Mr. ETB the headache and cough. By far, Danny has had the worst of it, and for a child that almost never gets sick, he's made up for lost time with this one. He's miserable.

Compounding his misery is the fact that last week he pushed me just a bit too far and I took away his tablet and computer privileges until November. There were "will nots" written as well. The timing is of course awful, because being sick in bed without a computer or a television means you're stuck with the radio, or a book. He's been tearing through The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the past few days, which is nice as I get to hear him laughing once in a while through his sickness.

Unable to stand the boredom any longer, he asked me to bring him a few toy cars from the packed away boxes in the cellar.

"Robert Louis Stevenson said you're supposed to play with toys when you're sick in bed." he informed me.
"Land of Counterpane?" I asked. "You remember I used to read those poems when we'd go out in the car? Papa would drive, and I'd read to you."

I can't believe he remembers that-he couldn't have been much more than three. Every weekend, we'd set off somewhere, and I'd start reading to keep him from fussing. I might have been reading those poems before he could understand the words. I'm sure he must have seen it recently, he has a pretty remarkable memory, but not that good.

He scattered the cars among the coverlet on my bed (because being ill in your own bed isn't as special as taking over your parent's king sized bed) and feebly moved them about in an attempt to play. He's living on tea, gingersnaps, and clear soup, but tonight managed a piece of stale bread to dunk in the soup. The high fever broke, but he's been stuck at 100.4 degrees F. for a while now. There's not much to do but let it run the course, and hope he'll be better soon.

The Douglas County Fair judging is this weekend for the preserved foods. I know Danny wants to win a ribbon (fingers crossed) but we'd also like to see what the competition was. I have a feeling he'll get there if he has to crawl, but I'd prefer he just get well. Being ill at Fair time is no fun.


Jenn said...

We had a terrible stomach flu rip through town last week, I guess even home schoolers aren't immune to the "back to school" bugs!

Mary was so sick she had what I think was a fever seizure, it was terrifying. She looked straight at me with her wide blue eyes and said "I can't see a thing, there's nothing there. Mama, where did you go?" then her eyes rolled back and she just crumpled to the floor. My panic levels were through the roof!

Thankfully some electrolytes and a couple of days of rest did the trick. It took about a week for her and Miss Frances to get over it completely. I won't mention here what a baby my husband is...but it took him even longer.

Here's hoping that Danny is feeling 100% soon!

Goody said...

I would have had a heart attack right then and there. I'm glad everyone is doing better, but god that sounds horrible.

Danny is doing better. I'm still getting through it. The worst is not being able to do much of anything except provide fluids and fever reducers. And the second guessing-should I have done, A B or C? Or all of the above?

I hope you're taking care of yourself through all this as well.