Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Cheek!

The only thing I love more than a grey, mid-calf pencil skirt, is a grey, mid-calf pencil skirt with front pockets. When I run the world, skirts will all have pockets-and they will stay flat, so you don't look like you just consumed a six pack of tacos (They sell six packs of tacos where I live). Unless you did in fact consume a six pack of tacos, in which case, I hope you ordered the kind that have the tater-tots rolled up inside. Yeah, we have that too. Planning your visit to Nebraska yet? Where was I? Right, I love a good grey skirt.

I spotted this one by the length, passed over by the more stylish thrift store shoppers. There was an elderly woman in a boiled wool jacket (in a heatwave) shopping along side me. She smiled approvingly when I lifted it from the rack to inspect if for cat hair, and cigarette holes. I must have appeared downright respectable, dull colours, longer length. I checked the label to see if it had a size (though I rely on a measuring tape for most items that I can't size by eyeball) and something that might indicate the age.

Like most people, my mouth sometimes gets ahead of my sense, and I blurt out (loudly) the first thing that my poor. old, brain signals. I'd like to blame this one on age, but I've never really had any filters. In this case, it was a loud shriek of, "Cheeky!"

Well, that got Eunice all interested in what I was doing with that skirt.

"Look! Look!" I pointed to the label, giggling like a twelve year old boy that just told a really good fart joke. I held it out for her by the label to read.

She read slowly, but instantly getting it.

"You're terrible" she laughed.

"I'm terrible? The brand is named, "Bend Over."

What we couldn't figure out was if it was a request, or a command. I bought the skirt, so I guess we'll have to see how things turn out. I'm sure if Eunice of the boiled wool crosses my path again, I'll be met with an enthusiastic greeting ( the odds are pretty good in this neighbourhood which has several retirement communities).

Seen any funny clothing brands lately that you'd like to share?

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