Saturday, September 07, 2013

All Aboard

 Tickets, tickets please!

 Yes, the explosives make sound, and that's why I found it slightly surprising when a museum volunteer asked Danny to stop using it. I mean, you put a loud explosive interactive thing in a museum don't want kids making noise? Really?

Outfit Particulars:

Shirt: Retail, about 10 years ago
Skirt: Ann Taylor, purchased at Goodwill .99 cents
Bangles: assorted retail and thrift
Boobage: Wacoal. Kinda pointy, but eh, whatever.
Glasses: They're vintage. I bought them about twenty years ago at a junk shop in rural Wisconsin. I know they won't last forever, and I have a gold pair of Artcraft ready for my new Rx, but I sure would love to find an identical pair. Maybe I need to spend some time in America's Dairyland.

After leaving the Union Pacific Railroad museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa, we stopped at the Goodwill. I scored numerous vintage Pendleton wool kilts (must have come from the same person-all same age, size, etc.) and a early 70's yellow pantsuit that makes me want to go grab an Early Bird dinner at Sizzler tonight. Sometimes, I really wish I ate meat...or that the Sizzler had a bar (alcohol, not salad. We know they have a salad bar). I swear, that Goodwill has some of the best stuff I've ever found.

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