Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Woolens and Such

I went ahead and switched out my Summer clothes for Fall and Winter knowing that tomorrow is forecast around 90 degrees F. That's how it is around here, we go from heat to a frost-best to have everything ready to go.

In every place I've lived, my entire life, I have needed to pack away out of season clothing for storage in either an attic or basement. This is the first home where I have adequate cupboards. Admittedly, the whole of my Summer wardrobe could fit in a large plastic tub, but it is nice to know it can be easily stowed without much difficulty. Winter...well, I live in the Midwest and it is a terribly long season in these parts, so I have more than a few bulky sweaters and coats that take up space. Or they did-not here! What used to be a day of dragging clothes to the attic, and back down again took a short time, and very little effort. Living in a newer place has advantages-people just didn't have much clothing to store in the 1800's. In Boston we had these teeny, tinny, cupboards that were triangular in shape so you couldn't even fit a shoebox in there. We finally converted the spare bedroom into a walk in, but even then I felt deprived of adequate space. Don't even ask what the farm was like.

I'm an organized person by nature, but I've never been able to live in  a place that permitted me to indulge it. If only we could get the books into a more useable system. For now I'll just enjoy being able to find what I'm looking for, when I want to wear it.

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