Tuesday, September 03, 2013

School Dinners

I thought a special sort of meal would make the back to school transition nicer. Because we homeschool, I have more room (time) to experiment. I made Danny a "fakin' bacon" BLT, because I had some superb tomatoes for a change.

Just for fun, I made flags from toothpicks and sticky labels reading, "Happy first day of 3rd grade", and "BLT."

He adored the flags. Liked the sandwich even more.
"What is BLT?" He wanted to know.

I explained the bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich idea, and the version with lunchmeat called a "Club sandwich."

"So last weekend, it was onion dip, and now a BLT? Mama? Is there anything else you haven't been making for me?"

Yeah kid, I've been holding out on you...next week, fish fingers.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh, now that is an adorable comment, if ever there was one. If you haven't, and he's able to eat the ingredients in it, make him eggs benedict and really watch his eyes light up with delight! :)

♥ Jessica

*PS* How cool that you have the same bangle! I'm 99% I bought it online from Forever 21 early last year. It's definitely not vintage, so it does a rather good job of looking the part. I'm sorry you got bruised by yours - ouch!