Monday, September 09, 2013

Hot Breakfast Idea-Fruit Toast

This blog gets more hits from searches for hot breakfasts than just about anything (well, it does get a fair number of, "What to do with mincemeat" searches, but that's understandable). I am a fan of porridge, and if you set out enough interesting toppings (dried fruit, jam, etc.) most children will eat it. Still, there's a world of other breakfasts to get your child out of bed on a school day, and I'll post them here from time to time. Today, Fruit on toast.

We have really beautiful nectarines and pears in the market presently. My kid would be happy to eat a bowl of fruit, and toast but combined it turns into something really special.

You Will Need:

a couple slices of good, thick bread (I had raisin challah, but sourdough is great as well)
A ripe piece of fruit (I had a nectarine)
Cream cheese
Cinnamon sugar, or brown sugar

Lightly toast the bread on one side only (I do this in the oven).
Flip the toast over and very lightly spread cream cheese on bread (you don't want it thick or it will be a mess). Slice the fruit and lay across cream cheese base. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Dot with the tiniest bit of butter (You don't want caramel here, just enough to bubble the topping-maybe 1/16 of a pat of butter).

Place on a baking sheet, set under the broiler, and (watch it closely) remove when the sugar begins to bubble and the edges of the bread look toasted.

I served it with tea and milk (that's two items as he refuses to take milk in his tea, the oddball.

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