Sunday, October 27, 2013

1940's Blue Rayon Dress with Seed Beading

We had beautiful weather for the Halloween party at Joslyn Castle in Omaha. (Click on photos to enlarge)
The grounds are lovely, though we didn't get to see much of the castle as it was converted to a haunted house, which Danny fled almost as soon as we entered. Maybe next year.
I found the cutest woodpecker beneath a tree, so I sat with him a while.

These two won the costume contest-deservedly!
The grass is still green this late.
But it was time to leave, as we were headed to the orchestra for the "Hauntcert"
Outfit Particulars:
1940's rayon beaded dress by Radiant
Orfloff Wristwatch, thrifted in Buffalo, NY
Glass earrings: Italian import store, 80's
Beaded glass necklace: Thrift World, $1.98
Shoes: Thrifted
Handbag: 90's retail
Crochet Cape: My mother made it circa 1969
Hair clips: Thrift World, .98 cents
Marcasite ring: thrifted Clinton, Mass. 90's

 We stopped by the courts on the way home so Danny could try out his new racket. There were other people playing in the next court, but thankfully they didn't ask about our attire.

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