Sunday, October 06, 2013

Dress Your Child Inexpensively

With all the money I saved, I should go get him a haircut, eh?

Children's clothes take quite a bit of wear. Unless you're lucky enough to find used clothing the child grew out of before wearing, the stuff in thrift stores tends to be beat-up. Instead, I look for end of season sales, then buy the clothes twice as big as I think Danny will need. I'm a firm believer in the, "He'll grow into it" philosophy of so many mothers. Shoes are trickier, but pants and sweaters are pretty reliable with this method.

Last year, we picked up the jacket at a clearance sale (The Fort, Nebraska City) for $3.00. The sweater was $1.50 clearenced at K-Mart, and the shirt was $2.00. The hat was $15.00 at Dillards, but for a hat that originally sold for $75.00 so I was happy. I'm also happy he doesn't look like a complete slob. Danny's never been the type to wear a track suit and trainers everywhere, and really dislikes baggy clothing. I'm sure he'll get over it at some point, and I'll be screaming at him to pull up his trousers, and put on a decent shirt (with a collar) but for now, battles over clothing are something we just don't have.

I just jinxed it, didn't I?

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