Tuesday, October 08, 2013

1950's Bedspread

I finally got around to photographing the bedspread. My parents had this made to match their drapes in 1957. It weighs a ton. I'm sure that had something to do with it eventually being packed away in favour of a lightweight duvet.

Yes, that is a pillow shaped like a shark. I made it for Danny when he was going through a shark stage. He's over it now, so "Sharky" lives on our bed.

The gold embroidery looks better than the picture makes it appear. The bedroom has very little natural light, and what there is gets blocked by a large Maple tree.

That window is a problem. It has blinds, but I've hesitated to hang curtains or a valance as the bed would block most of it, and there's a rather deep sill behind the headboard. I know it looks terribly bare without curtains, but I'm not convinced they would add anything to the room except more dust. With the exception of the bedspread, the room is terribly beige.

Anyone have ideas?

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