Saturday, October 12, 2013

1970's Polyester Dress

I'm afraid I've forgotten the name of the store where I purchased this dress, but I'm headed that way later this week, I'll get back here and update.

 I have a thing for oversized collars. The fabric reminded me of gran's curtains, or maybe it was the sofa-I can't remember, but it was love at first sight when I spied this dress.

I could have climbed the stairs to the upstairs loo for a better mirror that hasn't been divided into a medicine cabinet, but that would be breaking my rule of not fussing over photos.

Yes, it is a pen. I've had it at least twenty years, long before everyone went crazy for this sort of thing. I think it was made by 1928.

Outfit Particulars:

Dress: 70's thrifted
Bracelet: Gordman's circa 2000 (came as a pair)
Necklace: Marshall Field's circa 1990 made by 1928 ( think)
Earrings: Target
Shoes: Thrifted Goodwill
Stockings: Assets (seriously, ignore the silly name, but these tights have lasted over two years without stretching or running. Worth every bit of the $18.00 I paid for them)
Ring: Mum's


Yes, there's a kid in the doorway laughing at me photographing my shoe on the vanity.
And finally, I gave myself a haircut chopping a good four inches off the back. I curled it under today for a change (70's dress gets 70's hair). I can't believe how even the back is! *mutters to self* "shudda been a hairdresser."

Here's to a super weekend!


Raymond said...

Lookin' good! The glasses, hair, dress & makeup look great!

Goody said...

Awww, you're sweet.