Friday, October 04, 2013 October?

Last evening there was an outbreak of tornadoes not far from here, and we're under a watch again this evening. Danny tells me he's heard there's a verified tornado on the ground about 100 miles from here. We're in for an active evening of weather as a cold front moves in.

I slept through all the storms last evening, though I'm sure if there had been sirens I would have heard them-unlike the farm, this house is located close to a tornado siren. When the tornado hit us in 2008, I never heard the sirens coming from town three miles away.

If we do end up taking cover, it will be in a finished basement, not a dirt storm cellar where the rain, snakes, mice and everything else could get in. That alone made the move to the city worth it. It is really unusual to get tornadoes around here in the fall, but it does happen, and needs to be taken seriously.

My only concern is the tree behind the house. It is large (towering up to the roof), and only a few feet from our windows. I'm not taking down the birdfeeder, and it will be interesting to see how well the suction cups hold on if we get high winds tonight. Look how green the leaves still are-what strange, strange weather we've been having.

Isn't that a lovely bird feeder? We bought the wooden one so Danny could paint it (which I hope he will, at some point). If you are close to Omaha, I can't say enough nice things about Wild Birds Unlimited. Now, to coax the birds from the tree to the feeder. The farm birds loved chopped raisins and sourdough. City birds must have more refined tastes.

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