Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review Lacis.Com

Years ago I bought a black, floor length riding dress with a tailored velvet collar from Laura Ashley. I love the dress (despite having strangers scream, "Mary Poppins!" at me in the street every time I wear it) The neckline is a bit too low for my comfort. I've used scarves, but they never quite filled the space at the neck, or stayed put well enough. When I saw the ruffled lace jabot at I thought it might just be the thing that makes the dress wearable.
At $18.00 USD this wasn't inexpensive, but it wasn't outrageous either, provided it was a well made item. I placed the order and it arrived within a week via US postal service. Nicely packaged in plastic, and clean, it was ready to wear straight from the package. No wrinkles, dust, or hanging threads. What arrived was even nicer than the website image, and the Velcro closing is of an excellent quality that stays shut. Not only does this make a very expensive dress wearable again, it makes it enjoyable to wear-the jabot stays flat, does not twist about my neck, and is so eye catching I'm looking for every possible opportunity to wear it.

I would not hesitate to order from again, in fact I have my eye on a number of items. I am not being compensated in any way by, and I paid full price and shipping for the item.

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