Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kite Festival

We had beautiful weather, and just the right amount of wind for the kite festival in La Vista today.
But the real highlight was a wind sock the children (and ahem...a few shameless adults) could play with by letting it roll over you on the ground.
Ack! We're being eaten by a giant caterpillar.
Note to self: Don't wear plaid trousers if you are going to be photographed with your arse pointing to the skies. Furthermore, my mother wouldn't have done this. I'm posting this so when Danny gets to his 40's and starts complaining his parents never did anything fun with him, I have this photo as evidence.
Smile for the camera kid. See? We had fun when you were eight. Why don't you call? Your dad sits by the phone all day long waiting for you to call. You could call you know, once in a while. Remember that time when you were eight and we took you to the kite festival?
This fellow also dived beneath the giant caterpillar to amuse his child. I'll bet he calls his parents at the weekend.
...and now we need to go wash our hair because the giant caterpillar pooped on us. OK maybe it was grass.
All in all, a fun way to spend a lovely fall day.

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