Monday, October 21, 2013

Dress Up Your Hottie

My hot water bottle gets year round use. In summer, I fill it with ice water to cool down. Of late I've been clutching it all day and night (it got cold quickly here) and I'd carry it with me outside the house but my son says he'd deny I'm his mother. Kids.

I've always placed it in an old pillowcase as a cover. Hard to believe I've gotten this far along in life without realising there are special covers you can buy for a hottie. A quick look at Etsy showed some beautiful knitted covers shaped as penguins, owls, and that sort of thing. Cute stuff, but the idea of spending $60.00 on a hot water bottle cover sends my bolshie old brain into somersaults. OK, I know they are handmade, but what are we talking about-half an hour to make a cover? That, and they're hottie covers-for fuck's sake, I wouldn't spend that on a suit.

I also wonder how well you would feel the heat through such thick layers? Anyway, I have some moth-eaten wool sweaters ready to be recycled into something new, so maybe I'll felt a hot water bottle cover. Until then, I've got a perfectly useable pillowcase.

Not using a hot water bottle? Why in the world not? They're wonderful, particularly if your feet get cold in bed. I'm not sure I could sleep without one. I have a latex-free bottle from Walgreens. It has lasted through regular use for several years now. There's little sense to blasting the heat through the night when you're sleeping beneath covers anyway. Safer than an electric heated blanket as well (I knew someone who's sister was injured horribly by one of those things). As far as I'm concerned, the bottle makes a perfect Christmas present, but now I'm intrigued by the idea of covers as well. I think I have a new project.

Anyone have a pattern they'd like to suggest?

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