Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Look, I'm dressed as a middle aged woman...BOO!
While we wait for the evening's festivities, let's have a look at a lovely 1980's does 1940's dress I bought new.
Heavy wool, excellent sleeves, velvet trim at the collar-this dress has all the things I love.
Velvet buttons, I mean come on, how could I ever get rid of this dress?
The fit is roomy, and loose which is great for comfort, but not the most flattering to my body shape. Eh, whatever. Comfort wins.

A great wool shawl is vital with this dress as the sleeves are a pain to fit though most coats.

 Outfit Particulars:
Dress: 80's does 40's Laura Ashley (where I bought most of my clothes in the 80's *hangs head in shame*)
Shoes: Retail (can't remember)
Shawl: purchased early 80's, can't remember where
Earrings: flashing plastic pumpkins: Walgreens
Matching cameo brooch and ring: Jordan Marsh (RIP) Shopper's World, Framingham Mass Early 90's
Lippy: Loreal True Red #315

Since it is Halloween, "BOO!"

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