Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dressed Like My Gran in the 70's...

...which I suppose is better than being dressed like my Gran in her 70's.
We used to joke about her colour coordinated outfits, and tray of gaudy rings on the dresser. I have a tray of gaudy bangles on the dresser, and my handbag always matches my shoes.

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The necklaces are separate. The short one was my mother's (it long since lost the medallion, shaped like a Mayan pyramid) and the longer I purchased last weekend. I like how they look together.

 The velvet skirt was something I bought years ago at a thrift shop in Cambridge, Mass. I like velvet that doesn't scream, "holiday party!" Rust is a versatile colour.
The bracelet caught the eye of the teenager working at the beauty supply store. She had to call her co-worker over to check it out. "Look, a real bracelet from the 60's" she exclaimed.  I tried not to laugh. She then informed me, "It is a popular fashion right now for young people." Thanks. Thanks for that. *young people* Good heavens. It isn't like I'm collecting Social Security.
So far, the best lit photos I've been able to manage have been taken in our '94 Ford Tempo.
OK, maybe not that one.
The comic book store was having a party.
 That fake fur at the neck was the worst stuff I've ever sewn with. Ever. I should have used fleece for all of it, but I never do anything the easy way. I have about a yard of it left. Horrible stuff, I should bin it.
Danny's costume was pretty popular at the store...
Because it isn't every day you see Woody Woodpecker purchasing his own comics.

Outfit Particulars:

Cashmere Polo Neck: Marshall Field's Country Shop, 80's (*Sob* I miss Field's)
70's Velvet skirt: Thrifted Cambridge, Mass
Shoes: retail
Satchel: Von Maur, circa 2001
Necklaces" Mum's, and thrifted Goodwill
Bracelet/ring: Mum's 60's
Flashing pumpkin earrings: Walgreens

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