Wednesday, October 02, 2013

1940's Red Rayon Dress With an Interesting Neckline

I just noticed that thread hanging in the photo-off to go clip it now. What would I do without the Internet?

Is it strange to keep a dress because of a neckline? I like nothing else about the dress (red, mid-calf, 3/4 sleeves) but somehow I've kept it for over twenty years. I do wear it occasionally, though less since moving to Nebraska (Go Big Red! Gawd, I don't "get" football).

I suppose I don't really know what to wear it with. I chose grey tights and a grey cardigan today, as black would feel slightly Christmas-y, but I can't say I loved how I looked going out the door. I do love this slim little red belt I picked up a Thrift World a few weeks ago. I need more belts like this.

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