Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cinder Toffee/Honeycomb Ice Cream

If you've ever wondered about the feasibility of making cinder toffee on a hot, humid day-here you go! I thought it would turn out gummy, but the results were good, and I quickly moved it to the fridge to chill before mixing into ice cream. You need to work fast, but that's generally true of most sugar candies. I did let it cook ever so slightly longer to account for the high humidity-but really, watch it as the stuff can go from a nice golden colour to burnt rather quickly.

The ice cream is essentially the caramel ice cream I made HERE with golden syrup replacing the corn syrup. Once you are at the last stir, fold in the chopped bits of cinder toffee. You can of course coat the pieces in chocolate first, but I think that is a bit much for ice cream. I'm sort of amazed any of the candy made it into the ice cream as I have ZERO self control around the stuff. I've eaten quite a few pieces so far, and am considering making a second batch just for nibbling. I'm afraid the Lyle's Golden Syrup is about to become shit, as it has been purchased by an American company. Mr. ETB sarcastically said they'll start making it with corn syrup, and put it in a squeeze bottle, but I fear he may be pretty near the truth on that one. Anyway, eat up if you are at all nostalgic for the stuff.

For the cinder toffee:

5 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1 teaspoon bicarb (baking soda)

Melt the sugar and syrup together until liquid. Boil until it has a nice, deep golden colour (watch that it doesn't burn). Remove from heat, quickly whisk in the bicarb, and pour it without stirring onto either parchment, or a sillicone mat. Do not attempt to spread the mixture or it will deflate.

When cooled, break into pieces.

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