Monday, July 12, 2010

Ginger Beer Day One

I'm using Nigel Slater's recipe HERE.

I always get odd look from Danny when I make something like this.

"Is this some sort of ethnic thing your Granny made?"

I've threatened him with boiled meat, and overcooked vegetables so that he can have something legitimate to complain about. The child isn't what I'd describe as a timid eater, but something about drinks he can't readily identify the contents of freaks the boy out. You should have seen his reaction to barley water. I don't know how the child arrived at anything he dislikes, or finds too challenging to eat being labeled "ethnic". I mean, he's fine with curries, spaghetti, Mexican food, and Chinese stir-fry. He doesn't call those ethnic cuisines. I find this really amusing, and probably a positive sign he's accepted non-Western foods as the norm, and traditional Western fare as ethnic.

As far as I know, my Granny never made ginger beer, but she did have a fanatical appreciation for ginger ale, though she also had a fanatical fear of foreign contents showing up in bottled goods, and as a result only purchased light coloured fizzy drinks (true story). She also set the table for the next meal immediately after clearing the dishes. As a result, there was always a perfectly set table of Jadeite dishes whenever you happened to show up. I haven't started doing that, but I rarely buy cola, and I'm awfully fond of Jadeite tableware. I'm probably channeling her. I do match my handbags to my shoes.

I'll keep you posted with the progress over the next few days. I'll probably end up consuming most of it on my own as Mr. ETB is now suspicious of anything I "brew" after having a swig of the rhubarb infused vodka. Something about it tasting like distilled grass clippings...I don't know. That's pretty rich coming from someone that drinks grappa.

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Raymond said...

LOL!!! I'm loving the hearty "opinions" going on in your home. Danny calls unknown foods "ethnic," Mr ETB is suspicious of your brewing skills and you deride his love of grappa. But because you're not yelling at each other (I presume) means a healthy respect and caring going on there. :-)

And BTW, matching the purse to the shoes is nothing fanatical. That's just good manners!