Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vintage Saturday on Sunday

I have a thing for white, costume jewelery. I know, my inner-grandma is active again, what can I say? I do tend to wear a lot of brown, and white just looks so terrific with brown, or it did in the early 70's which is where my fashion sense seems to be mired.

These cost three dollars, which I admit seems like a lot, but the beads are individually knotted which seems to indicate a somewhat better quality piece of costume.

In other consumer-related news:

I bought a tube of "lip stain", which is another recently re-discovered thing from the 70's (remember the gel crap in the little squeeze tube you could use as lipstick or blush? I loved that stuff). I don't think it looked terribly alluring though. I think... I look like I just ate a strawberry snow cone. Eh, whatever. Anyone that isn't turned-on by the sight of someone that might possibly have been eating a snow cone on a hot, Midwestern day is probably some sort of asshole. Damnit, I guess I really would rather have a snow cone.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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