Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Middle Aged

I stopped colouring my hair about ten years ago, and hadn't really given it much thought. On a whim, I purchased some sort of "conceal your grey" rinse that washes out in a dozen shampoos. I don't know why I purchased it, I have no intention of using it. I thought I might this evening-I took the various items out of the box and examined them before returning them to said box, and replacing it in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I know I'm not going to do it.

I never see women my age with grey hair. I've never really responded to peer pressure, so I guess there's no point in starting now. I don't really think anyone would be fooled into thinking I'm younger by an absence of grey hair-not once they caught sight of my neck or hands. I probably should get a proper haircut though-haven't had one of those in about a decade either (hey, I do just fine hacking away at my hair with a pair of office scissors).

Some people can pull off coloured hair without looking stupid, and get the desired youthful effect. I don't honestly think I could. I'm not even sure I'd want to. That's how you know you're old-when being non-conformist goes from colouring your hair strange colours, to refusing to colour your hair.

Anyone want a box of Natural Instincts golden brown?


Janice said...

I am sure your hair is healthier because you do not color it. I refuse to color my hair too. My goal is to be the little old lady with a long gray braid.
Besides, have you ever noticed those old ladies with jet black hair that's thinning from too much coloring and showing a white scalp?

Goody said...

My hair is really thin from one of the medications I'm being treated with, so I'm already doing a version of the "comb over." I suppose the scalp showing through would be a very real risk.

Braids are so pretty, I'm surprised more women don't want to wear them-I would if my hair would hold in one.

BTW, I ended up taking your advice and buying a St. Ives face wash, but this one was made with olive oil. Thanks for reminding me how much I used to like their products.

Mary said...

heh--my grandmother is 90 and colors her hair. I always thought it was silly--I mean who are you fooling anyways--but one time that I saw her without it colored--*gasp* how washed out she looked and just not like herself. I guess that's the thing--either do it from when you start to really get gray or not do it at all--after seeing grandma I kind of think I'm in the do it category.

Goody said...

I suppose that would be dramatic/traumatic to see someone look completely different.