Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"It's About" Looking Like A Strumpet

I loathe the expression, "It's about." Drives me into a fucking rage, it does.

Someone (or a consortium of people who decide what something is about) have decided we all need footwear. No really, they have. True, they are probably the same people that decided a few seasons back that it was all about the rubber clown shoes, but they've moved along and now it is heels, gladiator sandals, platforms, geez, you know they're just making this up to sell shoes. You know that, correct? How can it possibly be all about everything? Isn't it the nature of an idiotic expression proclaiming something to be not simply about, but all about to have some sort of exclusivity? It can't be all about everything.

It's all about looking like a strumpet then, is it? Not that there's anything wrong with that, if it is your actual employment situation. It looks a bit silly on women my age wandering about the Target in West Omaha, or Hy-Vee. I mean, if you're going to dress like that, you should at the very least, go to the library or something. I'm constantly approached at the library, which Mr. Eat The Blog thinks is really positive that I attract readers. I suspect a good many of them are homeless.

"Strappy heels are dominating shoe fashion." Well, yes, I suppose. I think what they really meant to say is "strappy heels are dominatrix shoe fashion", a subtle but important difference.

Now, if you'd please:

Get off of my lawn!

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