Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's Mrs. Eat The Blog To You

I've only noticed this happening at one Hy-Vee location (Peony Park), but I now get thanked by name when handed my receipt. I mean, I get thanked by a teenager calling me by the diminutive of my name. My husband isn't permitted to call me that. I really find this first-name basis thing with someone I don't know, terribly offensive. I understand that the management/consultant types have been labouring under the delusion for years that this faux personalisation is going to create shopper loyalty-but it truly is a delusion. I don't blame the poor clerk forced to proceed with this nonsense, and I understand that I'm complaining about something newly occurring in Omaha that has probably been going on for years in more populated locales.

Now Get Off Of My Lawn!


Raymond said...

You're so behind the times! That trend has been and already went out here. (Well, maybe it's gone from here: I stopped shopping at high-priced stores (AKA white people stores) where they do that because I'm underemployed and now I shop at the no-frills markets.)

But yeah, I *HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE* when they hand me my receipt and tell me "Thank you, Mr ______." When I saw that coming, I'd snatch the receipt and cut them off: "Ok sure. You don't need to tell everyone in line my name." OH@!!! SO IRRITATING!! But not just because it tells potential identity thieves my name, but because whenever I hear it, I hear some corporate executive in a meeting thinking up more bullsh*t "friendliness" that will make the big corporation appear personal. Pff!

BTW, I remember when I was a kid clerks would just KNOW my parents without having to look at a receipt for their name.

Goody said...

I should say that I don't mind when someone in our small town calls me by my first name (because they know it), say at the bank or something-but the Hy-Vee was really strange.

Speaking of stupid things people are forced to say at work...

There's a local oddity of waiters stopping by your table to ask (and this is a direct quote, and they all phrase it the same way, more or less):
"How's everything tasting for you?"

I nearly shat myself the first time I heard it-then heard it again, and again. I've never been able to come up with a good response to it either, I mean, how does one respond to that sort of a query?

Raymond said...

"Hold on, I haven't tasted everything." Then lick the table?