Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pasta With Broccoli, Pattypan, Olives and Feta...

-and a ton of garlic. I mean, a whole damn head of really fresh garlic chopped up, and cooked slowly in olive oil with rosemary and thyme.

I took Danny to a new farmer's market this morning in Omaha. For locals, it was the one at Village Point (e). Parking was easy, and although there were less vendors, what we found was of decent quality. We also got there before most of the jerks showed up, though we did get to observe a really doozy example of poor behaviour as we were leaving.

As we were getting back into our car, the woman (late 20's I'd guess, but she had one of those haircuts that make young women look fifty) parked next to us was publicly (and loudly) scolding her mother for not locking the doors to her SUV properly. Then, with great, dramatic gestures, proceeded to aim her little remote locking device at the car to illustrate how she wanted it done. She thrust it into her mother's hand scolding her:
"The black button is for locking, mother."

When we got in the car, I told Danny if he ever used that tone with me, he'd better find a new mother. Really, who speaks to another person that way, much less one's mother? I felt so bad for her. She probably did everything right and still ended up with miss wonderful for a daughter. I hope she at least got some good vegetables out of the trip, since she obviously wasn't getting quality time with her daughter.


I bought four beautiful pattypan squash because Danny adores them, and they were reasonably priced. This week's grocery bill came in at $49.75, which is pretty damn amazing, considering I bought quality cheese, two containers of tofu, and tons of fruit and vegetables. So yay for me, and my budgeting abilities. Believe me, no one is underfed around here (well, OK I am, but it isn't for lack of trying-I mean, I even got up at 1 AM to eat ice cream, but could only manage a few bites. Know what I do like? I like those frozen sugar-water popsicle/ice lollie things in the plastic tubes. No really, I do-sometimes I sit up in bed at night eating one after another, which seems like a perfectly menopausal type of thing to do, but then the dog sits there staring at me, because he's hot too (though not menopausal, of course) and frankly, I think my husband would hit the fucking roof if he knew I were feeding the dog popsicles, even if they are inexpensive. Gosh, that was really off topic, eh?).

So here's what I did, since this isn't the sort of thing that requires a recipe.

I cooked some pasta. I steamed some broccoli. I cooked a head of chopped up garlic in 1/2 cup olive oil with rosemary, thyme and pepper until soft. Then, I added the olives, squash, and broccoli. I chopped up Feta cheese and tossed that in too. I mixed it all with the cooked pasta, and had dinner. Tomorrow, they can it eat cold over lettuce.

I really like the pink frozen popsicle things in tubes, but the blue are pretty good too. Danny's partial to grape and cherry, so I leave those for him. The dog is less particular.

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