Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sears Clearance Sale

I purchased these at the Sears in Crossroads mall in Omaha.

I scored great stuff again this year. I'm set for Fall. The clearance items I bought were 50% off the original price, with an additional 40% off. That's how I ended up with six dollar dresses. Sears does not in any way sponsor my posts, I just really love buying end of season clothes for the price of thrift store clothes. I suppose I'm getting kind of middle class in my old age, but sometimes it is nice to have clothes that don't smell like mildew and cat pee.

Anyhoo, here's some of the highlights:

This looks better worn. Most of these dresses looked like sacks on the hanger, but they are flattering. I like the neckline on this sweater dress, and the gauge is very, very light. I also purchased it in a bright redish/orange dayglo-because I was too old for the look in the 80's and now I'm...well now I'm well...older. This is going to look so great with boots.

Again, it looks better on. I've lost enough weight where I can wear a cinched-in waist and not have it spill out in a muffin-top. That's nice. The t-shirt material is heavy and nicely cut so that it swings when I walk. I'm of the mind that all dresses should swing a bit when you walk. This is also shorter in the front with long sides. I can't wait for cooler weather.

I know, that's quite a bit of grey clothing. I did buy navy trousers, and there was that dayglo dress, but yeah, I really do tend to favour a boring colour palette. I also really like cardigans. This cardigan was five bucks. It came in a bright dayglo red as well, but I thought it best to draw the line at dresses.

And in other news, I can wear size six trousers, which just seems wrong at 125 lbs. That ought to be at least a size ten, but the clothing manufacturers think we're a bunch of idiots that don't know what size we really wear. Thankfully, years of thrift store shopping has made me pretty good at holding something up, and knowing if it will fit. I'm usually pretty close-within alteration range. I always buy clothes larger anyway, because cheap fabrics have a tendency to shrink. OK-I also have a tendency to grow-at least around the winter holidays. You don't want to squeeze into a micro-fine gauge sweater dress...or I don't anyway.

So get your butts over to Sears before all the good deals are gone.

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