Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cinder Toffee From Many Syrups

I'd been curious to try making cinder toffee/honeycomb with syrups other than Golden. I kept the recipe the same, as well as the technique changing only the syrup in each. The results were interesting.

Golden Syrup:

This is my stand-by syrup that I use for most candymaking. The results are nice, and they have a deep, almost burnt caramel flavour that I really enjoy. These are what the name, "Cinder Toffee" evokes for me.


Now these are interesting. The flavour is deep, and smoky, and they melt down into an almost taffy-like texture in the mouth. They are certainly heavier than the Golden syrup, but have a longer chew.


These were my favourite overall. The texture is so light, lifting the slab of candy was like handling pumice. The honey candy came up drier as well, though some people like the sticky-tacky feel of regular cinder toffee. These melt rather quickly in the mouth, unlike the Golden Syrup, and molasses.

Malt Syrup:

Mr. ETB declared these his favourite, and I can see grinding them up to make a fantastic malt powder for ice cream and baking. Again, like the honey these were very light, and in the pot they cooked quickly and started to strand before it ever reached an amber colour-so keep an eye on it if you try making these. The results have a lovely malt taste. I might dip these in chocolate-just to see.

Maple Syrup:

The only, "syrup" that is pure of the lot, and not a combination of sugars, or a by-product of the manufacture. Didn't make cinder toffee, I'm afraid. It did end up crystalising and making a maple sugar candy, which is delicious, but it is not at all aerated-the result is dense and granular.

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