Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Spectacles

I needed a new lenses, as I grow more blind each year. I prefer the traditional bifocal to the line-less ones because I'm stupid, and the line lets me know where to look. These are wonderful! I had frames from an old pair of reading specs that I thought would make a good spare pair-and they certainly did. I'm really fortunate to have an excellent optometrist, and the people who measure your eyes know what they're doing. The last pair, I put on, and never had trouble adjusting to. This pair is the same deal-I got in the car, drove into town, and forgot I was even wearing them. Bifocals can be tricky if they aren't exactly right for your eye-but these are perfect. I am so incredibly happy.

Why can't I have this sort of good luck with dentists?

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