Monday, November 29, 2010

Steamed Buns

The recipe for the buns may be found HERE. I improvised a filling of stem ginger, garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage and sesame oil. I tossed in a bit of five spice and let it all cook down slowly. I did make sure to let the filling chill well before filling the buns, so they don't start to steam as they rise. not having a wok with a lid, I made these in a pot with a metal steamer-it worked fine. The buns are a bit sticky, so I lined with parchment instead of the recommended wax paper.

Mine rose, feather-light. I swear, I've never seen or felt anything like it.

These were easy to do, though be warned if you have any dry, cracked skin on your hands-kneading flour with a dusting of baking powder really, really hurts. Bad. Otherwise, these were a breeze to make.

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