Sunday, November 21, 2010

So Your Socks Smell Nice

My son has discovered men's cologne. I went ahead and helped him spray three strips of paper with different fragrances, to decide which he prefers. Danny took the strips and placed each in a dresser drawer*, so he can see what they smell like on his clothes after a couple days. I'm afraid the kid has my tastes, but overall being a devotee of Guerlain is probably better than the cult of Axe. Thank god. I pity the mothers of Axe dousing teenaged boys. I like moderation. Teenaged boys don't understand moderation.

*I'm of the generation that still sticks a bar of soap (preferably Yardley lavender) in the dresser drawers to keep things smelling nice. I can say from experience, that mice won't eat it. They will eat Dial, Safeguard, and they simply adore the taste of Ivory (I had a package in the cabinet beneath the sink they devoured) but Yardley lavender soap must give their mouse intestines a trail-they won't touch it. The things you learn, living on a farm.


Raymond said...

Guerlain??!!! Ok, I'm definitely now a Danny fan. Vetiver de Guerlain is "my" fragrance. For years!

Goody said...

I always thought that was their best fragrance, and it works for women as well as men. Hard to find though, at least it was before internet shopping.

It was so cute to see him sniffing the dresser this morning.