Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Limit Gingerbread To Cottages?

Me: I wonder if you could fashion a dome from gingerbread by baking it on an inverted bowl?

Mr. ETB: You'd probably need to make extra, in case they break.

Me: Yeah. I wonder if I could wrap the dough around a coffee cannister to get a round shaped building...

Mr. ETB: (completely unfazed, as though this were the most ordinary conversation in the world) You'd need to stabalise it somehow, to build the whole cathedral.

And that people, is what happens after seventeen years together-you decide to do St. Paul's Cathedral in gingerbread, and before you've even mentioned what you intend to bake, your better half is making jokes about how to depict Nazis firebombing it-in gingerbread, of course.

I mean, any idiot can bake a gingerbread cottage-it takes an ambitious idiot to bake a Christopher Wren cathedral.

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