Saturday, November 06, 2010

I've Been To Iowa

I probably ought to have been a bit embarrassed to purchase ten pounds of butter, two large packages of beef suet, a ton of cheese and the four dozen eggs not pictured. I wasn't. I bake, and we have a freezer.

Suet is almost impossible to get hold of these days, but if you're a local, we found this at the Hy Vee in the Mall of the Bluffs. Get there quick before some other suet-steaming-pudding fanatic beats you to it. While you're at it, Peppercorn Parmesan cheese is on sale for 3.99 a lb. I stocked up. Good stuff that Pepato cheese.


Raymond said...

Good lord, what's everyone's cholesterol count in your household?

Goody said...

OK as far as I know, but these things get used know...moderation.

Most evenings, we're eating beans or lentils (or tofu) but that doesn't make for an interesting blog post. If we ate the typical American diet, it would be bad. Everything from the bread to burritos are made at home, and while there might be some butter around, we aren't loading up on sodium, HFC, and other crap.

Raymond said...

Ooooh! HFCS! (now AKA "corn sugar") I have some of that every morning in the choco syrup I use in my daily cafe mocha. I really oughtta return to how I used to make mochas: grinding up mexican chocolate mixed with some kinda' pricey dutch (?) cocoa powder. But squeezing the bottle of American choco syrup is just so much easier. And cheaper.

I loves me some cheeze! LOVE IT! And butter: I stopped using margarine ages ago; they say it's worse than butter, and butter is so damned tasty. Tho I use it in moderation. Eggs, I almost always use only whites.

Hey, we may get hit by a bus tomorrow; enjoy the butter!

Goody said...

The "corn sugar" thing-OMG. I live in Nebraska, that's all we produce, right? I mean, most of it goes to ethanol, but the absurdity of the Corn Board's little advertising campaign to tell us how good they are for us (and the environment too!) is just too amusing.

We have hereditary heart disease in my family, but it missed me. That's good, because as soon as Danny grows up and moves out, I'm taking up smoking again (been ten years, I figure the lungs are all nice and pink again...) All we ever had in the house growing up was margarine-I still shudder at the sight of those plastic tubs in the supermarket.

Here's what I make once a week for the chocolate milk(not as cool as the old glass jars of Bosco Syrup, but close)

1 cup water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup powdered cocoa (I use store brand)
Pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Boil water. Whisk in sugar until dissolved. Reduce to medium heat. Whisk in chocolate and salt. Remove from heat. Stir in extract. Transfer to a clean jar and cool to room temp. Cover, keep in fridge-lasts about 2 weeks, but we use ours up sooner.

Goody said...


Can I have the egg yolks you're throwing away? I need them for ice cream and noodles ;)

Raymond said...

I'll put the egg yolks into an envelope and pop them into the mail. !!

And thanks for the choco syrup recipe. I'll really do it!