Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who? Who? Who...

...wants to get up at 5 AM?

I do, actually, and the owl that lives in the tree beside the bedroom window seems to understand the household schedule as well. Danny's room is far enough that he sleeps through the chant each morning, but I enjoy an hour to have coffee and wake up slowly before launching into the day.

I can definitely say, I'm thankful for owls, and my morning cup of coffee.

I'm thankful for the sleepy headed not-quite-six year old who stumbles into the kitchen each morning, squinting in the light seeking toast and tea. I'm thankful he still needs my help tying the belt on his robe, and pulling on the occasional stubborn sock. Once they can tie their own robes, and pull on socks it is but a short time until they've left home and run off with some floozy. Whatever floozy he finds had better make a decent pot of tea and not over-brown the toast. I'm thankful for tea and toast, and Red Rose Tea proofs of purchases that can be sent off for porcelain miniature figurines.

I'm thankful for the copy of Chapman's Homer, in one volume the Internet sent my way last evening. Thanks, Internets!

I'm thankful for the snoring Scotsman, who always offers to do the washing up after dinner even though I rarely accept. I'm thankful for the time he spends involved in Danny's life, the thoughtfulness he shows us, and the made-up songs that entertain us (you'd be horrified, but we think they're funny in an, "If William S. Burroughs had a lounge-act" kind of way). I'm thankful that I don't need to explain jokes to him. I can't imagine going through life with someone that didn't understand the same humour.

I'm thankful for vegetarianism, and the fact that I am not required to roast a gigantic bird no one enjoys year after year. I'm thankful for fake Christmas trees that can be set-up on Thanksgiving Day, for gingerbread men and candy canes to decorate it, and for the hours spent getting each branch, "just right" to suit a small child's tastes. The ornaments all look better at his eye level anyhow.

I'm thankful for my car with over 200, 000 miles on it that keeps running (knock wood), for a sturdy box grater, for a well-made wooden drying rack, and countless other things that do work, in a world where so many things do not. I'm thankful for the purple Polar Fleece Extreme Cold long underwear I bought eighteen years ago at Tent City in Boston that I am wearing as I type on this cold, 8 degree F. morning. Purple fleece long underwear, rocks.

I'm incredibly thankful for friends that after so many years are still part of our lives. I'm thankful for all of the people we'll never meet, who come here to see what sort of monstrosity has come forth from my kitchen, and I'm thankful for the supportive comments when I destroy a perfectly good pan attempting jelly candy that smells like a grandmother (won't be making Turkish Delight again any time soon). I'm thankful for the people who send my better half home with bags of Venison for his vegetarian wife to prepare (I like a challenge!). I'm thankful for International Christmas cards that decorate my piano each year.

For all that, and more I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.

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