Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something Is Wrong...

...when a Swede (rutabaga) costs more than a pomegranate. It was quite the tiny Swede at that.

"So what do you do with them?", the cashier wanted to know. Being a person that devotes considerable time to writing about cookery, I should have had a more exciting answer than, "I boil and mash them." But that's the truth. I know you can roast them, and give them all sorts of fancy treatments from marmalade to applesauce-but I really just like them boiled and mashed.

Years ago, my mother made some sort of amazing casserole of Swede, lentils, broad beans, and breadcrumbs. The only seasoning I remember was a generous dose of Worcestershire sauce, but beyond that, I'm lost. She only made it once, and I suspect she didn't care for it, but I thought it was the most wonderful casserole I ever tasted. I've tried reproducing it, but haven't ever come close. Eventually I gave up, and returned to boiling and mashing my Swedes instead. I don't fancy-up the turnips or parsnips either. Boring, I know.

I did get a giggle looking at my grocery carriage as I prepared to pay-Swede, purple cabbage, sour cream, container of oats, beets, a tin of herring fillets in paprika sauce...I suppose I'm still feeling slightly unwell, as that's a pretty good snapshot of Ukrainian comfort food right there. Toss in some kasha, and rye bread and I'll turn into my Granny.

Anyone have brilliant uses for Swedes that they'd like to share?


NancyB said...

Rutabaga croquettes! I've converted several non-rutabaga-eating family members with these.

I started with this recipe:

I use half the butter (let's pretend to be healthy about this). Panko instead of fine crumbs, mostly because I never have fresh breadcrumbs and dislike the fine dried ones for this use. And the ones I just made used Gruyere instead of cheddar because that's what was in the fridge....really good, but the cheddar works too.

Goody said...

Hard to go wrong with butter and good cheese ;)

I'll be giving this one a try!