Thursday, November 11, 2010


I felt this awfulness approaching and did what any sane person would-made a gigantic dish of lasagna, and climbed back into bed. They'll be eating that for days. Me? Packets of instant soup and saltines.

I did manage, before getting too terribly nauseated, to make some really remarkable ice cream using a cup of heavy cream, a cup of coconut milk, 1/2 cup vanilla sugar, and toasted coconut stirred in at the end. You should try that one, next time you have half a tin of coconut milk left from a curry.

OK, back to bed. I hear we're getting the first snow flurries tomorrow night, so I fully expect to hear the rattling, and mewing of farm cats in the storm cellar. The squirrel has already returned to the outside wall of the mudroom. Farm living...Yeah, I'm going back to bed...wait, I have to share something funny:

Danny went for his flu shot today, and they put one of those children's bandages with a character on it, over the injection site. He just now, walked into the room and showed me his arm:

Danny: It looks like some sort of worm.
Me: Maybe a bookworm? A wiggleworm?
Danny : I think it is...the black meat!
Me: (Shooting angry look at my husband) Would you stop filling his head with Burroughs? Hey wait, wouldn't it be cool to have a line of decorated bandages for adults featuring Burroughs characters? "Dr. Benway's Naked Lunch bandages, for filthy beatniks" or something?

OK, I really am off to bed now.

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