Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Good Day Thrifting

Don't get too excited, the bangles are plastic-but they were a super bargain, and still have their original Hong Kong labels inside.

The Coro necklace (also still tagged) was four bucks. And green, my favourite colour.

I purchased two 1960's dresses-one a pink and white striped Jantzen with the original matching scarf, and what appears to be a home-sewn dress in what looks like my gran's sofa upholstery. It has a super-oversized collar. I'll post those when I wear them as they don't look like much on the hanger. All told, I got home having spent under $60.00, and even scored as pretty wild silk blouse for $5.00.

I still don't have a photo editor on this computer, so the pictures are pretty much as I take them. That's fine with me, as I appreciate talented photography, I just don't aspire to create it. I'll leave that sort of thing to the people that have a skill.




...and one picture of the butterfly garden at Aksarben aquarium. Look closely, and you'll see a butterfly.

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