Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Off My Lawn

Yes, that is the water cycle on my shower curtain, thanks for noticing. Were going to get the Periodic table, but then Danny saw this one, and we had to get it.

I haven't been out of the house since Friday due to weather, and surgery-and look what I've become!

That feather duster cost $8.00 That's right, I paid eight dollars for a feather duster. So far, it hasn't lost any feathers, and does a swell job picking up dust instead of just strewing it around. Overall, I'd have to say it is my favourite feather duster. Sadly, I'm the sort of woman that would have a favouite feather duster.

Let's talk about the roller set. I stopped using a hairdryer ages ago, and instead do a set every three days or so. My hair hold a set really well, and after a quick pass with the boar bristle brush, I'm good for the entire day-no hairspray needed. I dilute Lotta Body setting lotion with 2 parts water, and keep it in a spray bottle for when I do a set. I don't have trouble sleeping on foam rollers, and I get to answer the door in the morning looking like I should be screaming at those kids with their long playing records and funny cigarettes to get offa my lawn.

Mr. ETB has hair much longer than mine, and wants me to give him a set so he can go to work looking all Peter Frampton...if Peter Frampton had weighed 250 lbs. and wore braces to hold up his trousers. Could be a look. Maybe.

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