Monday, August 26, 2013

Internet Shopping

I saved myself money, and running all over looking for a blue sweat suit to make Danny's Halloween costume by purchasing direct from the manufacturer. It was so inexpensive, I bought two shades of blue just to be certain it looks "Woody Woodpecker enough" (there's a sentence I never imagined myself typing). I think we all knew that's what he'd be doing for Halloween, I'm not giving away a secret. I'll sew the collar on with some flocked white fabric, and give him a pair of my vintage white gloves. He already has the mask. So good, that's done-took all of five minutes.

Then, because I already had the credit card out (That's my reasoning) I hopped over to Asos to look at the sales and what do you know? Yeah, Renaissance style hair jewelry. Clips, and chains-the whole bit. And a dress, because you don't get your credit card out, log into your account, and come away without a dress. It is a very short dress, so I'll call it a "tunic" and wear it over leggings.

I have pretty good self control, even in the face of a bargain but being able to get what you want, in your size with a few clicks, and have it delivered to your door is technology I can really embrace.

Here's the dress.

I have no idea what to do for my own Halloween costume, I mean when you dress like I do, every  single day is Halloween.

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