Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mullhall's in Omaha

It wouldn't be completely honest to say we moved to Omaha because of Mullhall's garden centre-but it was a consideration. Today, I took Danny over (he's as in love with the place as I) and (predictably) came home with a flat of plants. The herbs are all discounted now as it is late in the season, but there's still plenty of time for basil, thyme, and sage.

The neighbours a few doors down have magnificent sunflowers, and next door have a gorgeous pink tropical flowering bush-I'm afraid we're really looking like the bare spot on the street. I think some bulbs are in order for next year. I left mine behind, along with the daylilies, rosebush, etc. I don't really regret it-you can end up married to plants you don't care for. Gardening a small space is not without challenges, but it turns out, we have more useable space than I anticipated.

At the moment I have a lime tree, a laurel, lavender, parsley, paprika peppers, thyme, sage, basil, a cyclamen, and something else I've forgotten at the moment. If I left Danny to decide, we'd have our share of showy, flowering plants-but I think restraint is good the first year in a place. Personally, I like native prairie grasses as they leave something interesting in the landscape at wintertime-but Danny has strong opinions for an eight year old, and his eight year old's opinion sees those grasses as "weeds."

Yesterday, I mentioned the aquarium as a tourist destination-today I'm recommending Mullhall's. Be warned, the place is large, filled with every sort of home and garden d├ęcor imaginable, as well as plants. You must walk through all those wonderful things to get to the garden centre (which I'm pretty sure wasn't accidental) . I should also warn you-the stuff isn't cheap. If you buy a vase, it will be a quality vase-but it is going to cost you. If you need to look at the price on furniture, you probably shouldn't look. That said, if you can afford well made patio furniture, and accessories then this is your destination. I don't mind saving up for something well made, but if you're prone to impulse buying...well, have someone hold your charge cards. I did receive an adorable rain gauge for Mother's day from Mullhall's of a mother and baby owl under umbrellas (so they don't get "owl wet") that I will treasure forever. I can't think of any other rain gauge I'd say that about. They really do have unique stuff.

They do a terrific job of holiday decorations as well, and I fully expect to be heading there in the winter as well. There aren't many places you can walk around any time of year, and feel embraced by beautiful plants. From the arrival of the first seed packets, to the poinsettias of the holiday season, this is where I go when I need to forget the laundry, my throbbing tooth, or whatever else I feel is so important on a given day. I love that we now live close enough that I can yell up the stairs to Danny, "Come on, let's go to Mullhall's", and head off on a whim.

There are still many beautiful plants to be found, and there's still plenty of warm weather left to grow them in.

I am not being compensated in any way by Mullhall's. I shop there, and am happy to recommend them. The employees are all fantastic as well. The bulbs start arriving in September. See you there.

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