Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Buttermilk Panna Cotta

I lost nearly all the hearing in my left ear today. That was my, "Good ear." I've had sudden hearing loss before, and it came back, somewhat. This was completely different, almost like flipping a switch, and suddenly I can't hear but a few decibels. Sometimes this can be treated with steroids, so I guess I'm off to the doctor tomorrow, but damn, it is annoying! The hearing loss in my right ear was gradual-much less of an emotional shock. I told Mr. ETB that I'm going to tell everyone it happened standing too close to an amplifier. I might insist the doctor put that in the medical records, "She rocked too hard."

I deal with unsettling things by distraction. Sure, some people call that avoidance, but I prefer to think of it as being productive. I don't over-think things. If I can't do something right now, I find a time to do it, then think about something else. I've only got so many brain cells left at my age, I'm not about to waste them needlessly. Severed limbs get immediate attention, ears don't require a panicked trip to the urgent care. Worrying over worst-case scenarios isn't helpful either. I'll hear, or I won't. I can be like my Gran, (Ukrainian accent) "Vaaaaat? Vaaaaat did you vant?" Of course, if she had bothered to wear the hearing aid, instead of keeping it on the coffee table in a fancy ash tray, she might have heard better. The batteries were expensive, so she was conserving for important conversations-not talking to her stupid family.

Vaaaaaat? You vant a glass of tea?

All of this brings me to the panna cotta. I wanted some distraction, but nothing too complicated. Friends, it does not get much simpler than panna cotta. I had some berries, and a fancy jelly roll, so the panna cotta fit right in to my idea of a nice, light, summer dessert.

Danny is more of a cornstarch pudding guy. As far as I could recall, I'd never made him panna cotta, and truthfully, I didn't expect him to take more than a couple bites. I plated the desserts, then came upstairs to lie down. I ate my serving for dinner-yeah, I had a dish of panna cotta for dinner. Don't judge. They boys had veggie burritos. Anyway, I thought it was delicious.

Mr. ETB comes upstairs to describe Danny eating dessert.
(Taking spoonful) "I'm not sure if I like this or not" (proceeds to demolish entire serving without stopping, then looks at him like he expects another serving to make up his mind).

I guess he liked it more than he realised. The kid eats skyr for breakfast with molasses ( shudder), so it isn't like he's afraid of strong, sour flavours. It certainly looked beautiful, unmoulded on a plate.

If I make this again, I might try replacing the heavy cream with whole milk-it was just a bit too much for my tastes (and my guts-I can't eat the way I used to). The recipe is here: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2007/11/buttermilk_panna_cotta

Vaaaat? You vant a glazale tay?

Wish me luck with my stupid ear.

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