Thursday, August 01, 2013

Southwestern Veggie Burgers

These are about as Southwestern as I am (not much) but use your imagination, add a slice of avocado and some sour cream, maybe some chili sauce and you're in business.

I was really pressed for time, and these worked perfectly.

You Will Need:

2 tins chili beans in sauce, drained
1 tin corn, drained
2-3 slices fresh bread, torn into small pieces
Extra dry breadcrumbs if mixture is too wet
Flour for dredging
Oil for frying

Mash the beans in a bowl coarsely. Add the corn, and fresh bread. Mush everything together and let stand in the fridge twenty minutes. If it still feels too wet to hold together into a patty, add a handful of dry breadcrumbs.

Pat into burgers, dredge lightly in flour, and shallow fry in a bit of oil in a hot pan. When you turn them, do so carefully as they are soft, and can fall apart easily. Add a slice of cheese if you like on the turn, and cook until lightly browned. Serve on bread, or in a tortilla, with lettuce, tomato, avocado, sourcream, or whatever you like. Makes about 8 good sized burgers.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Oohh, these sound so wonderfully tasty. I'd be inclined to partnered them with sour cream as you suggested, as well a good peach or pineapple salsa. Yummers!!!

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

Thanks, Jessica.