Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sarpy County Fair

This was a very small fair-smaller than the Saunder's County fair by quite a way. The open class exhibits were fun, though I can't say we found any inspiration for the State Fair. What I did notice was how baked goods looked pretty bad by the third day of the fair. I need to keep this in mind. Because you submit a slice of pie, rather than a whole pie, it needs to be a solid enough pastry that it does not look like a collapsed heap by the time judging comes around. This isn't really a pie state, this is a kolache state. I just don't understand the cult of the kolache.

Because Springfield, Nebraska is right next to the Aksarben aquarium...yeah, we had another birdwatching picnic outside. There were hummingbirds. A couple of  children thought we were hilarious on our blanket eating lunch, and ran to their parents pointing and laughing. There really isn't a picnic culture here, unless you are having a barbecue, and are at a proper picnic table. I waved to them, then they got all shy (as very small children do) and ran off. I don't think they'll ever have a picnic with their parents, and it made me feel a little old, and sad.

We stopped at the library sale (I know, I know, I haven't unpacked our own books yet) to bring some cookies for the volunteers. We left with a cookbook, a nature book, and a translation of the Aeneid Danny wanted. I'm excited by the Mexican cookbook because I'm going to the new Latin supermarket tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I was this excited by a grocery store.

I bought a bargain citronella candle today, and I'm going to go sit outside on this beautiful Midwestern evening, relax in my Adirondack chair, and enjoy the fact there are no cattle, flies or, crop dusters to take cover from. I think a gin and tonic is in order. Who knew I'd find peace and quiet moving to the city?

Sarpy County Fair runs through tomorrow.

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