Friday, August 16, 2013

...And the Loo Roll Gets a Knit Hat

I blame the mid-century townhouse, but it is probably mid-life inducing the nostalgia for the items of my youth. I'm searching the charity shops for Lucite tissue box covers, a bonnet hair dryer in a carrying case, and some bamboo chairs for the family room-the hanging kind. I think Mr. ETB is keeping his fingers crossed I should fail in my pursuit, but he can't stop me making a colourful hat for the extra loo roll that sits on the tank. Something in avocado and gold shades...

Next week, I'm having oral surgery. I really wasn't ready for such a big deal. Tooth extraction is one thing, but when they start talking about the risks to my sinuses, and bones, and grafts...I'm really not looking forward to this. I had the option of being knocked out cold for it, but I figure if I'm alert they can't just shove my mouth open and stick both hands in as far as they go-I hope. The last time I had something like this done I came out of it looking like a Cabbage Patch Doll that had been in a bar fight. I was asleep for that one-I'm thirty years wiser now.

I figure there will be a recovery time, not just for my jaw (oh god, it just started to hurt typing about it) but the overall effect on my already not-so-strong body. I'm assuming there will be painkillers (there had better be) and what better time to get out the crochet hook, and start making some dresser scarves? The last time I was recovering from oral surgery, I ended up at a tattoo parlour in Elgin, Illinois with my best friend. I'd like to think I would have selected a more interesting design had I not been under the influence of pain medication. See kids, they're right about drugs and poor choices! I don't see myself getting inked next week, but maybe I ought to sketch up a template to carry in my purse...just in case. I don't want to give the impression I regret the tattoo, as I still like it-I do think I would have gone for something larger, and more colourful had I been in a better state of mind. You know how young people are, the bottle says, "Avoid alcohol while taking this drug", and you read it as, "Especially good with Percocet!" And tattoos.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday morning, so hopefully I'll be able to spend the weekend recuperating. Meanwhile, if anyone has a good pattern for clothing the bathroom items, I'm open to suggestions.

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