Friday, August 30, 2013

Thrift Shopping My Own Cupboards

I'm not sure how this pitcher came into our lives, but it has been in the family as long as I remember. It is stamped, "Made in Israel" (in Hebrew) so it can't be that old (post 1948 anyway). Growing up, it sat on our piano, then on a knick knack shelf, then it moved to a box where I discovered it after my Mother died. I had it packed away for years, then it sat another dozen years atop a bookcase until finally, in this move I decided it was time to finally use the thing. I'd hesitate to use it as a pitcher for drinking as I have no idea what sort of metal it is made from (part of it looks brass, but I'm not sure of the rest) but I do think it would make a lovely vase for flowers. I love the detail on the handle, where the artist used his or her fingertips to indent the grip. In an age of mass-produced household items, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship like this deserves better treatment than collecting dust in a corner of  a room no one uses.

If I've learned anything from Antiques Roadshow, I know not to polish it up, in an attempt to restore it. I'm possibly mistaken, but I think it always had that dark patina, but perhaps it has been that way so long, I'd never seen it in the original condition.

In the course of moving house, I rediscovered many items I'd long forgotten and am making an attempt to get them out for use. I'll share them from time to time here.

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