Monday, August 19, 2013

Mushrooms and Kidneys

The jars of pickled mushrooms just did that, "Ping" thing telling me they sealed. Thank god. I'm feeling pretty far from well today, but knowing Danny has his county fair entry ready to go is a weight off my mind. Thirty years ago, if you'd told me I'd be losing sleep over pickled mushrooms...and here we are. "Ping!"

I had lower back pain all weekend, and didn't give it much thought until I woke up all barfy, and didn't feel better after said barf, and then...well you don't need the details...kidneys! Yay! At first I was upset, "But, but, I'm having oral surgery this week" but after some reflection realised this is the absolute best time for this to happen because Mr. ETB is off work from Friday to Tuesday. Times like this (and I've had what, three so far?) I'm really glad I'm a woman because passing a stone for a man must be a horror. I'm not saying this is a picnic either, but you know...anatomy. Yes kids, the only sound I'd rather hear than the "ping ping" of canning seals is the "Plink plink" of a kidney stone hitting the toilet bowl.

So I dunno...should I pee in a strainer so I can post pictures of the thing?

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