Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Biscuit Crust Taco Pizza

This dinner took all of twenty-five minutes. After a day of baking three batches of honey-cakes (see next post) I really needed something quick, and easy.

Now, I have no business calling this, "taco" but it was the closest I could get to something with corn, chili beans, cheese, and sofrito-so Taco it is. I suppose you could fold the slices and pretend it is a tortilla.

Would you look at that? That my friends is the picture of a New World diet-corn, beans, and pizza.

Biscuit pizzas were everywhere when I was a child, but lost popularity. I don't know why, because it certainly doesn't get any easier. The boys loved this, and they're what I would call pizza snobs. I suppose comparing it to a yeast crust is pointless as they are different animals, but everyone agreed it would be just great to put this dinner into regular rotation. Consider it done, guys!

The crust recipe may be found at:

I rarely say this with things I just randomly try off the internet, but this was such a perfect crust recipe, I wouldn't change a single thing. Not. A. Single. Thing.

Here's what I did for the topping:

After spreading the crust with melted butter, I coated it in a layer of sofrito (I made about a gallon of it yesterday, so I'll be looking for ways to use it). I did a combination of parmesan and Swiss cheeses (really, don't judge) and while cheddar might have made more sense, this odd combination was well received. I added some drained, tinned chili beans with a bit of the sauce left on, and some tinned corn. That's it. Nothing fancy, but oh my gosh, did it ever come together into early 1970's women's magazine cooking glory.

Alright, get out of here, go to Tammy's Recipes, and make a pizza with this crust. Now. Don't pull that face when I'm ordering you to make pizza.

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