Friday, August 09, 2013

Danny's Favourite Cake

Yep, there's four layers of chocolate and raspberry in there.

You can find the recipe here:

The photograph does not do justice to this beautiful cake. Danny keeps opening the door to the fridge and muttering, "It looks so a machine made it instead of mama." True, he doesn't see the crappy job I did piping, but it is still a lovely dessert.

Even with raspberries being in season, this is a terribly expensive cake. I'm willing to bake it once a year, and I budget for it-but that's it. I can't afford to make it more often. That said, it freezes perfectly-so half is going away for some night when we're craving a fancy dessert.

I used fresh berries rather than frozen, and I made my own preserves, but I have used frozen berries here with success. I had extra ganache, so I made some raspberry truffles. I mean, with that much chocolate and heavy cream going into it, you don't want to waste.

Be warned, this is very rich-start with a small slice. Best to think of it as candy, with a bit of cake to keep it interesting.

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