Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dental Appointment at Tooth Hurty

How sweet of Mr. ETB to snap my picture leaving the dentist. I needed a crown (sadly, not the tiara sort) so today was all filing away at the tooth to prepare it for the finished work in two weeks. Oh holly hell, does my face hurt.
We've had quite a lot of rain of late, with more on the way. No complaints though, we need it. The hot weather has lifted as well, which is nice.

The dentist said this is just, "Normal wear and tear on teeth as you get old." Thanks. Just thanks for that.
After the dentist, I swung by the optometrist to pick up my specs. Only one pair was ready, as they forgot to tint the other pair. Sigh. I could go to the 1 hour glasses place, but I don't care to entrust vintage frames to them, so back to the lab they went. The Artcraft pair are fine though, and as soon as I put them on, everything was perfect, sharp, and so very much better! The larger pair are line-less trifocals, and that I'm afraid will take some getting used to. The woman at the office said my brain will, "get used to it" but clearly she isn't familiar with my brain.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's "Caper Mates" polyester jacket-Thrift World
Linen blouse-retail
1970's red polyester flares-part of a suit, Thrift World
1970's white and gold necklace-thrifted
1960's enamel pin-Hand-Me-Ups
Freshwater pearl clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
1950's Italian scarf-Sarpy County Historical Society sale (coming up again in September)

I'll just flip off my tooth today. Do get a look at the lobby of the building that hasn't been updated since the 70's. The mirrors and fake plants are a nice effect. There's an office of the "Institute For Lifesaving Cures" in the building. I'm sure they do good, important work, but it sounds like something out of a cheesy science fiction movie. Come to think of it, this would be the perfect location to shoot a cheesy science fiction movie.

I hope your day is going better than mine.


Helga said...

Your dentist needs to brush up on his bedside manners! O well, anytime you leave the dentist with your knickers on properly is a winner. What attracts people to dentistry, apart from the money to be made?!
Love that blazer!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Goody said...

I always assumed it was sadism (the attraction).

But yeah, what an awful way to earn a living.

Sue said...

Cheeky buggar, did you slap him with your hand bag!! At least you looked gorgeous when you were there, hope he appreciated the effort. Tri focal glasses, wow, they will be a brain tease, not sure mine would cope at all!!

pastcaring said...

But on the plus side - a Caper Mates jacket! We should all be so lucky to have one of those. Or just mates who caper. Love it! I want a closer look at those flares though...
Good luck with the trifocals - I have varifocal contact lenses and they are great. If my brain can do it, so can yours! XXX

Goody said...

@ Curtise
I had no idea they could do varifocal contacts. Hmmm, wonder if they could do them in crazy yellow or orange? I'd consider that.

Your brain is in considerably better shape than mine, but thanks for the vote of confidence ;)

I did have one of those "old" moments where I looked at how thick the new lenses are, and shuddered. At least they don't use real glass anymore-it would hurt having all that weight on the bridge of my nose.

Rebecca Harasym said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your tooth! I hate the dentist so much! LOL! At least you looked incredibly stylish for the event! Love that blazer and those fabulous red pants! I hope you get your glasses soon and that you get used to them! :)